Davenport Community Schools stresses the meningitis vaccination


Davenport School administrators want to avoid sending kids home on the first day of school because of insufficient vaccines.

The requirement a lot of kids are missing is the Meningitis vaccines.

It took effect for the first time last year.

All seventh and twelfth-grade student must have it before going to class.

Head Nurse for Davenport Community Schools Gina Ekstrom said,”For the meningitis vaccine, we either have to have a record of vaccine or a record of a medical exemption or a religious exemption before the child can start school, so if they come to school on the first day without any of those, unfortunately, they will be excluded.”

The district sent several kids home last year on the first day of school because they didn’t have the shot.

That’s why Davenport’s head nurse tells Local 4 News she wants parents to schedule an appointment for their students to get the shot. 

Ekstrom said, “This is registration week, and we’re hoping to get a lot of them coming in this week. Parents are hopefully turning them in at their registration at their schools this week but hundreds. We have a few hundred students that are still in need of that vaccination.”

This is the second school year this shot has been a requirement.

“Last year the law was new, so we had a difficult time I think instituting that. Parents weren’t aware of it. Now the law’s not so new. We hope parents are aware. We actually started sending out notifications in January in incoming seventh graders and 12th graders,” said Ekstrom. 

The first day of school for Davenport is August 23. 

For information on the district’s health requirements, visit http://www.davenportschools.org/our-departments/health-services/

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