Davenport city leaders promise a new tool will make the local government more transparent.
That’s why the city launched a new website called The “Community dashboard”.

The old website is still up and running, but in a few months, the two will be merged with a newer, more interactive version.
The goal is to track city departments and community partners but, some people  don’t like the price tag that comes with it.

“It’s definitely a short term investment but in the long run it will allow us to serve our citizens better,” said Mallory Merritt, Davenport Budget Management Analyst. 

It’s called the community dashboard.
The goal is to show people how well Davenport’s city departments are performing and if they’re reaching their goals.
You can find information like fire department response times, how many calls the police department gets, the number of potholes in the city and much more.

“Citizens, if you wanted this information before would have had to have access to the budget book and read through that and that’s a 600 page document,” said Merritt.

The community dashboard cost the city $22,000 and Merritt says it’s worth every penny.

“I think that this application this dashboard really shows that we’ve gone even further and another step further in making it that information, not only available, because it was already available. It’s  just making it easier to consume and putting it out there in a fun and interactive way so that it’s interesting to look at,” said Merritt.

The community dashboard will merge with a brand new city website that’s going to launch later this year.
That will cost the city $68,000 to build.

“I think that it all ties together and helps us as a city just to provide a better customer experience all the way around,” said Merritt.

Some people from Davenport we talked to say they think the city website needs some work but the money the city is spending on it is too much.

“I mean they could do something but I don’t think it needs that kind of money to be put into it like that. That’s a little ridiculous if you ask me,” said Robin Champagne, Davenport.

Merritt says the information on the website gets updated monthly.

Click here to check out the website.