Davenport man charged after being found with weapon on school grounds


    Felony charges face the man police say handed out white supremacy fliers in Davenport.

 53-year old James Mathias was arrested Monday, on a charge of carrying weapons on school grounds.
    Scott County’s Attorney says a complaint about Mathias passing out disturbing fliers led police to confront him.
    They say… That’s when they noticed he was carrying a gun on Brady Street Stadium property.
    In the state of Iowa, having a weapon on school grounds is considered a Class-D Felony.
    Walton says he’s noticed an increase in these offenses happening.
    He says it’s up to gun owners to know what the state laws are in order to stay out of legal trouble.
    “It’s an increasing problem we’re having,” said Scott County Attorney Mike Walton. “People seem to believe, perhaps, that because they have a permit to carry, they can carry it anywhere. And, that’s not the case. In fact, as I’ve said, in Iowa, it’s a serious crime. It’s a felony.”
    Walton says the case is just beginning.
    The next steps include discovery, a pre-trial and a trial, if one is deemed necessary.
    Mathias will appear in court again next week.

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