Davenport man creates a memorial to his father from fallen tree

Major Rick Corbin's newest sculpture honors his father's military service

Major Rick Corbin of Davenport has turned a natural disaster into art.

After a tornado recently toppled a tree in his yard, Corbin decided to take the log and turn it into several sculptures.

Corbin has many sculptures including some that honor the military and one that is a representation that honors the Kinnick Stadium end of the quarter wave at the University of Iowa.

His most recent sculpture pays hommage to his father, a decorated veteran of World War Two and the Korean War.

During his service, Corbin's father received a bronze star, a silver star, and eight purple hearts.

This latest sculpture, titled "Graves Registration," pays tribute not only to his father, but to fallen soldiers everywhere.

Corbin said that he wanted the sculpture to live up to his father's legacy.

"Make the boots oversized, because I've long contended that with my father's military service, he left some large boots to fill."

While Corbin doesn't have any concrete plans for future sculptures, he wants his next one to feature his families' former Davenport business logo.

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