Some people in Davenport are frustrated by a creek that’s out of control.

Now they’re hoping someone can help them clean up the mess left behind.

The creek runs behind homes on Waverly Rd. in Davenport. 

Joseph Seibel’s home backs up to the creek, and says the more rain they get, the more problems they have. 

Seibel says heavy rain has forced the creek to rise at least eight or nine feet, bringing it closer than ever to their homes. 

“The more it rains, the bigger the problem we have,” said Seibel. “It brings trees, debris and whatever else down the creek.”

Full-size trees can be seen scattered across the water, causing garbage and branches to pile up in people’s backyards. 

Rising water has also caused the land up to Seibel’s back fence to sink or break away entirely.

“The more it rains, the more it just eats the land,” he said.

Before long, he says he’ll be forced to move his fence back once again. 

“It takes the land away just a little at a time, mine is already up to the corner of the fence line right now which is not good,” he said. “So we’re gonna have to move fences, do more maintenance, which is a waste of time.”

It’s so bad that Seibel says he won’t build anything in his backyard.

“I was trying to build a deck, or planning on building a deck and there’s no point to do that when you know, the water rises and the trees are more than likely to fall over and land on the deck,” he said.

One neighbor even built a concrete wall to keep the water out. 

But Seibel says one of their main concerns is safety. With young children and pets in the backyard, it’s become a hazard. 

“It’s dangerous. Kids, animals…It’s very dangerous,” he said.

Seibel says if it doesn’t get resolved soon, he’s afraid a child could fall in the high water, or get hit by falling trees and debris. 

He took his concerns to the city, but they told him the creek is privately owned.

Now he says he’s trying to get in touch with those responsible for maintaining it, and he’ll take all the help he can get. 

“Somebody reach out and try to help,” said Seibel. “Whoever owns this creek back here just let us know.”