Davenport police dish out tips on how to stay safe on Halloween


Halloween is a little more than a week away and while many people will be out celebrating that leaves more room for criminals to commit crimes.

Davenport Police hosted a crime prevention news conference Monday morning covering topics like Halloween safety and burglary prevention.

Davenport Police Sergeant Mark Berger said while Halloween only comes around once a year, they can’t stress the importance of personal safety when out and about.

He said while they will have an increased presence, he still recommends kids and families stay together in large groups.

Berger also urges parents to use glow sticks or some form of light as apart of kids’ costumes to make sure they are visible to drivers as well.

“There’s going to be a lot of people out and about, there’s going to be a lot of kids running around, so adults pay attention when you’re out driving,” Berger said. “Stay off your phones, know that there’s probably going to be kids running out into the middle of the street, not using the corners to cross so just really be aware.”
Aside from trick-or-treating Davenport Police are also reminding people to lock up.

Burglary prevention was also a topic of discussion Monday morning.

Davenport Police Corporal Hank Jacobsen said people need to remember to lock doors and windows even if they are trick or treating in their own neighborhood.

He is also reminding people not to leave anything valuable or visible in their cars.

“There’s definitely been an uptick here in the past couple years with car burglaries, car thefts, home burglaries as well so we’re just trying to get the word out,” Jacobsen said. “A lot of us have left our garage doors open over a period of time and our cars unlocked and nothing really bad has ever happened, but now something bad is happening so we just have to be ready for it and be aware,” he said.

Both Berger and Jacobsen said they will have anywhere from 10 to 16 officers patrolling the streets.

They are encouraging everyone to stay alert and if they see anything suspicious to call Davenport Police immediately.

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