Davenport police officers spend time with local youth


The Davenport police department is making moves improve the community. 

“We want our youth to trust us, we want our community to trust us and being with them in positive contacts,” says Police Chief Paul Sikorski.  

On Thursday evening the police department along with thirteen local organizations participated in an outreach event put together by city leaders. 

Police officers say their philosophy is about getting involved in the community and building relationships to solve problems and reduce crime. 

They want to get kids involved with the effort. 

“We really want to form a better relationship with our youth,” says Chief Sikorski.  

“Well the kids are our future,” says Gary Thrapp. “If we’re going to make a comprehensive plan to improve we got to get our kids involved in that process.”

After playing basketball with kids they answered important questions. 

“Why aren’t there more minority officer’s in Davenport,” asks a community member. 

“The answer to it, is we have a very difficult time recruiting minority men and women to be police officers,” says Chief Sikorski. 

The police department also encouraged the youth to do what’s right for their community. 

“You are absolutely instrumental in stopping what’s going on out there,” says Chief Sikorski. “You can’t be afraid, you have to have the courage and you have to have a great perspective as young men and women, about what’s going on in the community.” 

Neighbors say events like these will help erase the hesitancy some of them have in cooperating with police.

“Continue to be involved and engaged cause like I said, how do we know unless you show us that you guys are good and I just appreciate that,” says a community member.  

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