The third annual Corn-Con Conference got started at St. Ambrose University today.

It’s a way for people to learn about ways to better protect personal information.

This is the first of a two-day schedule. Today’s events include a professional development workshop for business leaders. Conference leaders say people from all backgrounds are welcome.

“The idea is that we can give you some information that’ll be useful, and that you can take back to protect your family, and protect information at your business,” QC Cybersecurity Alliance president John Johnson said. “So, we’ve been growing year after year. We’re really excited to be able to put this on for the community.”

The event comes on the heels of a massive cyberattack on Equifax that was announced yesterday. Johnson says that more people need to be aware of the threat that having information on the internet poses.

“Everything we have is interconnected,” Johnson said. “You put something on the internet, as soon as you connect it to something else, it could be hacked. And, that’s what we teach the kids. Everything has vulnerabilities.”
Johnson says there are numerous ways for people to protect their personal information.
“Keeping your systems updated, patching your systems, backing up your data somewhere else so that if you do get ransom ware, you have a copy that’s not too old, not using the same password on all of your websites,” said Johnson.

Tomorrow the conference continues with various activities to help people learn more about more about how they can protect yourself from online threats.