Delegates take a break from the convention

Day two of the Democratic National Convention has the delegates  going through the official process of nominating Hilary Clinton, but they took the time to explore the historic city outside of the arena. 
Local 4’s Sabrina Ahmed was right there in the action. 
She toured the city rich in American history and love.
A love statue famous for proposals and photos sits in front of one of the most iconic city hall building  in the country, the largest free Masonry building in the world. 
Not far from that are the famous Rocky stairs. 
Next, Independence park is where you’ll find the Liberty Bell and Independence hall where the great Declaration was signed. 
Philadelphia has a lot more to offer than statues, monuments and buildings, those places represent the country’s freedom. 
It’s a turn of events that have led the party to come together and end up right in Philadelphia. 
Even as delegates enjoy their time in the open air, they know why they’re there and what job they have to do. 

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