Demands from Davenport parents, teachers: More transparency


A call to action Thursday from people in the Quad Cities. 

They want to see more transparency in the Davenport School District. 

Parents and teachers came together at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Davenport. 

Students from the Mottet Leadership Institute were behind the meeting.

The group focuses on creating organizers in social justice. 

Their goal was to get Davenport school leaders to publish disciplinary data on the school’s website and keep updating it. 

The demand comes as the school district is approaching it’s final deadline to fix seven areas of violation with the state. 

One big area was disproportionality, or students of color being punished more than their white counterparts. 

One retired teacher says she saw that challenge while with the district and still sees it now with her biracial grandchildren. 

She says better transparency would help the whole community

“Our district saying, ‘We need more mentors, we need this, we need that, our community would be more accepting of what’s going on and be more helpful and would know how we could help our students,” says Angela Fox, a retired special education teacher in the district.

No school board members showed up tonight but the interim superintendent did. 

“It was very uplifting being in this room today because everybody wants the same thing that the school district wants. We want to improve in the areas we need to improve in, we want a more informed community.”

He says once they clear their state deadline on April 23rd, they plan to keep working on the issues. 

“That’s what’s really exciting about that deadline becuase that deadline doesn’t mean we’ve made any goal. Now it’s time to start working towards the real goal, the systemic issues that we have,” says interim superintendent TJ Schneckloth.

Schneckloth stopped short of promising to publish those disciplinary numbers on the school website but he says they’ve hired an outside consultant to help form a better guideline for the district. 

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