Disturbing fliers continue to surface across the Quad Cities


Another wave of controversial flyers popped up in Bettendorf Thursday morning. Neighbors woke up to find the flyers wrapped around local newspapers and advertisements in their driveways. 

The flyers read “love your race” and a white supremacist group known as the National Alliance is listed at the bottom. 

The flyers have surfaced across the Quad Cities area for several months now. 

In January Local 4 News identified 53-year-old James Lee Mathias of Davenport as one of the distributors of the fliers. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Mathias was listed as a “big donor” to the group. Mathias was arrested in January for bringing weapons on to school grounds. 

There is no word yet if Mathias is connected to the most recent wave of flyers. 

One Bettendorf neighbor, who asked not to be identified, says she never imagined finding the disturbing flyers so close to her own front door. 

“It’s scary to me to think that people still have this viewpoint,” she said.  :It was kind of shocking to see this at my house and to think about the fact that someone physically was in the neighborhood, walking around and putting these on everybody’s property..is kind of scary.”

The flyers have been found on car windshields, college campuses in the area, and most recently in neighbor’s front yards. 

Back in August, hundreds gathered at VanderVeer Park in Davenport hoping to spread the message of “no-hate” after a wave of flyers surfaced in the area. 

Local 4 News will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available.

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