Shot once in the right hip and again in the right shoulder. An investigator is sharing more information about the suspect in the Dixon High School shooting and the case that happened more than three weeks ago.

Matthew Milby, the 19-year-old suspect, made his first physical appearance in court Thursday morning, after previous court dates where he appeared by video from jail.

Milby’s attorney reiterated his client’s plea of not guilty to the three aggravated firearm charges. Milby previously made a plea of not guilty at his arraignment in May.

The focus of the hearing is to see if there is enough evidence to proceed to a trail.

Following testimony from Illinois State Police Special Agent Luke Kuehl, the judge said there is probable cause for the case to move forward.

Kuehl said seven surveillance cameras recorded Milby’s movements the morning of the shooting.

Kuehl recounted Milby’s steps from his car until he was shot twice outside.

The agent said Milby could be seen on the video looking into the gym where the senior class was practicing for graduation.

Kuehl said a short time later, that when the video showed Milby shooting at a teacher. 

“Proceeded to fire several shots toward Andrew McKay. Based on the video, it is seen debris is falling from the ceiling area, directly behind, above where Andrew McKay is at,” said Special Agent Kuehl. 

Following the shots there, Kuehl said that was followed by School Resource Officer Mark Dallas confronting and following Milby as he left the school, exchanging gunfire.

Milby’s attorney Thomas Murray said Thursday’s proceedings also help him when planning his case. 

“We were able to glean some of what the case may be about. I was encouraged that there was what appears to be ample video,” said Murray.

After the hearing, Murray also discussed his client’s current condition.

“He’s never been incarnated before. He’s immature, you know, he’s only 19, and medically, he’s fine. He’s getting appropriate medical care in the jail,” said Murray.

Milby will be back in court again Friday, June 8 at 10:30 a.m. before the judge that will be handling the case during the trial.

Milby’s attorney said they’ll also address speedy trial issues. 

Local 4 News reporter Shawn Loging is providing live updates from Matt Milby’s first time appearing in court.