Dogs rescued from bloody and feces filled home

The Clinton Humane Society rescued eight pit bulls Wednesday night

Clinton, Iowa - Foul and disgusting conditions is how investigators describe the state several rescued were found.

Clinton Police Officers helped the Clinton Humane Society removed eight dogs Wednesday, Feb. 21 night.

Police said the animals were covered in blood and feces and now charges are pending.

In addition to eight pit bulls rescued from the home on 4th Avenue North in Clinton, Iowa, the remains of another dog were also found.

Police said the home had no power, water or heat.

According to police, the owner claimed the dogs were fighting, and that's why one dog had died. Adding they were unable to control them so called for assistance.

Now all eight are in the care of the Clinton Humane Society.

"This is where they lived, this is where they were forced to breed," said Shai Lemke in a Facebook video.

In her video, she showed the floors covered in feces and blood smeared on the walls.
Debra Squires moved into the neighborhood just a few months ago, and this has all come as a disgusting surprise.

Neighbor Debra Squires "I only thought he had one dog, and he would bring her out the back door and take her out for a little bit and then back in. And I never had any clue that there were any more dogs in there."

She added, "Kept saying there's more and I'm like where are all these dogs coming from cause I'd only seen the one, and then they called for back up. They needed more cages and people brought cages and finally said had eight and one dead. It was shocking."

In Squires' short time living next door, she said she didn't hear any of the dogs' bark. 
She watched Wednesday night as police brought one dog after another out from the house. 

Squires said, "The police were so good with these dogs, you know talking to them, and they were gentle, trying to get them into the cages, and kept telling them to 'come on boy, you're free now, you're free.'"

But a homeowner who's been in the neighborhood for a decade said he filed a handful of complaints since the owner of the house moved in and started smelling up the block in the warmer months.

Neighbor Travis Holt said, "It was horrid, like you could smell feces, dog feces especially in the summertime when the air conditioner was running, you could smell it across the street."

Travis Holt says it's disappointing it has taken this long for the action to be taken to condemn the house. 

Holt said, "I feel like there was probably more than eight dogs. It was almost like he had like a puppy mill going because I've always seen people going over there to take a puppy from there."

The Clinton Humane Society said they had a veterinarian in Friday to examine the dogs and there are numerous significant injuries.

They're working to provide them with a warm and safe place to live as they heal.

The Humane Society is currently collecting donations both monetary and supplies to help care for the dogs. 

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