Dozens celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji 550th Birthday in the Quad Cities


On Wednesday there was a celebration in the Quad Cities for the man who founded the world’s fifth largest religion in the world.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is known as the founder of Sikhism.
People celebrated his 550th birthday at the Bettendorf Library. The Quad City Sikh Temple used the time to teach people about the religion and its core principles.

Guests were also treated to some traditional snacks before the celebration started.

Parbh Virk was one of the organizers of the celebration and said it was the first time they’ve celebrated Guru Nanak birthday.

“We’re using this opportunity to educate fellow Quad City people to learn more about the principles, learn about the practicing and how we practice religion,” said Virk.

The Quad City Sikh Temple plan to host this celebration again next year.

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