There’s a power struggle in Muscatine.
At Thursday’s city council meeting, city council members discussed changing the mayor’s role.

Dozens of people clapped as Muscatine’s Mayor Diana Broderson walked into City Hall.
The group outside were picketing supporting her.
Linda Reichert organized the picket.

“I want the city council to be transparent with the citizens. I want the people to know why they’re doing what they’re doing,” said Reichert.

The mayor and city council hasn’t been seeing eye to eye on who should be allowed to appoint people to different boards and commissions in the city.
That’s why council members called a special meeting Thursday to discuss changing the city code.
The city attorney gave his legal advice at the meeting.

“You can form a formalized committee that meets in January, a regular meeting for all of the elected to discuss the appointment process and the approval process,” said Matthew Brick, city attorney.

Mayor Diana Broderson says it’s been difficult to fill any spots because council has been voting down the people she’s been appointing.

“Now the city council is trying to change my job description which basically nullifies the people’s votes for me as mayor because they’re making me do a different job than what the people elected me to do,” said Mayor Broderson.

Although no council members wanted to talk on camera Thursday, one council member tells Local 4 News that they want a more collaborative process when appointing members on the board or commission.

The city attorney will direct the city council on the next steps at a council meeting in July.