Drivers in QC need a lot of patience these days especially when crossing the I-74 westbound bridge


The I-74 bridge Iowa bound has been reduced to one lane.

Re-striping of the lane took place last night. Drivers must take the first Iowa exit at grant street.
Lots of them feeling the backup of traffic this afternoon.

It’s a regular Tuesday afternoon to most stretch bus commuters. I didn’t realize this was going to happen today,shares a bus commuter.

Some were surprised about the newest traffic impact from the construction of the I-74 bridge. 

It hasn’t been too bad but it’s bad now. Garry Aho uses the stretch bus pretty regularly which takes him from Moline to the Burlington Coat Factory stop in Bettendorf. Although, it was only 12:15 pm when we boarded the bus  we still felt the punch of the traffic.

As soon as I get onto the ramp I felt the traffic backing up and it’s getting slower and slower, says bus driver Ivan Filipovic.

For Filipovic it didn’t come as a surprise. For those wondering why the Iowa bridge was reduced to one lane, I-74 improvement manager George Ryan has got an explanation.

So the reason for the detours is to be able to build the entire westbound lane and connect the new structure to the existing west-bound alignment, says Ryan.

This is an effort to get the project done in the three and a half years they’re aiming for which was originally eight.

Do commuters think it’s worth the traffic headache? Bus driver Filipovic says so.

It’s worth it I think, it’s worth it for a little while until they finish it.

Bus rider Garry Aho agrees saying, I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime and it’s going to be really good when its done.

Project managers are reminding drivers to take it slow as numerous construction workers will be out on the road.

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