Drivers point to several dangers on Davenport roads


Some residents in north Davenport are calling for road changes after a severe accident on Elmore Avenue.

In one of the cars, built to seat five, there were six kids and two adults.

Two of those kids were taken to Iowa City for care after last night’s crash.

Police told us there was also an off-duty officer was involved.

Davenport Police didn’t provide any additional information on the accident Friday.

Bordered by interstates, the Quad Cities know the onslaught traffic can have, but in addition to out of town motorists, for local drivers in Davenport, they know when a smooth drive can quickly turn rough.

They said in addition to the roads, one of their main concerns is other drivers.

Davenport Resident Ashley Durham said, “I’ve had a couple of close calls. People aren’t paying attention, they’re on their phone.”

Ashley Durham is a newer driver in the Quad Cities and with that, she said comes to a hyper-awareness to stay safe. 

Durham said “It’s a thought that always crosses my mind as I go out. I had just started driving in the fall, so I’m always scared somethings going to happen to my car, to me. I see accidents on TV, and I always worry somebody’s going to hit me really hard.”

While Durham said she hasn’t had too many bad experiences on the roads yet, other drivers with more years behind the wheel, they also said traffic is a problem. 

Davenport Resident Tameran Bruch said, “Expanded so much in the Quad Cities that it seems like sometimes our road conditions don’t meet the need. We got our rush hour traffic is getting kind of crazy.”

Tameran Bruch sai some places to start are making sure the roads are in good repair, and there’s plenty of visible signs.

Bruch said, “I live in this cul de sac with two exits, and there’s not a stop sign at either exit and people come just wiping around corners like crazy.”

The Iowa Department of Transportation released a list in 2017 of intersections needing safety improvements based on crash frequency and severity.

Locations included in eastern Iowa:

#25) Muscatine County: U.S. 6 and County Road X54/ Moscow Avenue

#38) Davenport, Scott County: East Kimberly Road and Brady Street

#41) Davenport, Scott County: West 53rd Street and North Division Street

#63) Davenport, Scott County: Brady Street and East 53rd Street

#78) Davenport, Scott County: West 3rd Street and Cedar Street

#87) Davenport, Scott County: 53rd Street and Eastern Avenue

#90) Davenport, Scott County: I-74 and East 53rd Street

#94) Davenport, Scott County: West 4th Street and Gaines Street

#95) Davenport, Scott County: East Kimberly Road and Eastern Avenue

#96) Davenport, Scott County: East Locust Street and Iowa Street

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