East Moline police chief sends warning after spurt of car thefts


East Moline, like many other Quad Cities, has seen a dramatic increase in juvenile car thefts. 

It’s gone up from just 29 back in 2015 to 90 last year. 

Police Captain Darren Gault says no one is safe, despite the neighborhood you live in.

He says so far this year, suspects have hit cars all across the city. 

Yesterday, Gault says a homeowner caught two teens trying to steal his car, while driving in a stolen car, themselves, from Davenport. 

Gault says social media plays a role in driving these theft numbers up.

“Social media and apps and technology gives all of us immediate access to information and that includes sometimes the bad guys,” Gault says.

Gault says with below-freezing temperatures setting in this weekend, he expects car theft reports to increase even more. 

He reminds people not to leave their cars running and to lock your doors– even if you have remote start. 

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