Pets are more than just animals.
For many, they’re part of the family.
That’s why making sure they’re safe in emergencies is important.

In the last week, two house fires have involved pet rescues.
Tuesday afternoon, the Moline Fire Department rescued a dog from a burning house.
No one was home at the time of the fire.
Firefighters say they were able to save the life of the dog using a pet oxygen mask.

Kevin Irby, Moline’s Battalion Chief says when battling a fire, every second counts.
That’s why he says having a pet alert sticker on your front and back door can help save your pets life.

“You got three different sizes, large, medium and small,” said Kory Heston, Moline First Responder.

Heston says oxygen masks designed for pets, saved a dog in a house fire in Moline on Tuesday.

“It’s got an oxygen tubing that we plug into it and then we hook it into our oxygen tank. The dog was real lethargic and after the oxygen was applied it came out of it pretty quick,” said Heston.

Moline Battalion Chief Kevin Irby says a fire doubles in size every minute.
That’s why a second can make the difference between life and death.

“What happens in smoke, one of the by products is carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide is very bad to humans just as bad to pets,” said Battalion Chief Irby.

Irby says human lives come first.
But, there’s a way you can help firefighters save your pet and it’s cheap.

“One of the questions we ask is if there is any pets. But, if nobody is at home, we don’t know. If there is a pet stickers like they sell at Petco or PetSmart, any sort of pet supply place that says we have a dog, we have a cat so something like that. That gives us a clue that there may be an animal inside,” said Irby.

Irby says if you do have a pet alert sticker on your door or window, make sure to take it off when you move or if the pet no longer lives with you.

That way emergency crews don’t spend time looking for a pet that’s not there.