Emily Tipsword’s family working to bring the missing teen home


These are sleepless nights lately for the family of a 16-year-old girl.

They said she’s been missing for the last two weeks.

The family of Emily Tipsword said they’ve been searching the Quad Cities hoping to find her.

Davenport Police put out a poster July 10 asking for the publics help locating her.

Police said she was last seen June 28 on Bridge Avenue north of Kimberly Road. 

Emily Tipsword’s mother Wanetta Tipsword said she and her four kids were back in the Quad Cities visiting family and friends.

They moved to Colorado about six months ago. 

Wanetta Tipsword said she saw no indication Emily was looking to disappear, instead, they were planning for the future including the 16-year-old wanting to raise rabbits to show at the fair. 

Wanetta Tipsword said, “Very happy, very willing to do things that she normally wouldn’t do as a teenager, so we weren’t expecting anything like this to happen.”

The family of Emily Tipsword said when they got the first call from a friend saying no one had seen the 16-year-old, they thought it couldn’t be happening. 

Aunt Shelly Ortiz said, “Honestly, I thought it was a joke at first because Emily was not the type of person to run away, disappear. She always told everybody, everything.”

For Emily’s mother, Wanetta, the last two weeks have been non-stop, passing out flyers and searching the Quad Cities for anyplace she might go.

Wanetta Tipsword said, “Every Christmas, we’d go down to the Vine and work at the soup kitchen, so I went down there.”

But the leads the family has been chasing, they said aren’t turning out to be Emily.
Wanetta said Emily is one of her four adopted children, welcoming her into the family when she was eight.
Wanetta added her daughter was active in high school athletics and activities.

Wanetta Tipsword said, “Did marching band and orchestra and choir and plays through the church.”

But Wanetta said Emily’s time in the foster system did leave emotional scars she was prescribed medication for and has now been without for two weeks.

Wanetta Tipsword said, “It gets harder and harder every day because the side-effects of not having her meds can be more damaging than the side-effects for being on the meds.”

Now, Wanetta is hoping her efforts and the eyes of others might be the key to welcoming Emily back home.

Wanetta Tipsword said, “She’s my little girl, and I don’t know what I would do if she didn’t come home.”

Among a key to the search has been the family and friends they have in the Quad Cities.

“I knew we had a big family; I knew that we had that support, but that big support has helped out not only here in Davenport looking for Emily but back home in Colorado as well, they have pulled together and are helping my children back home,” Wanetta Tipsword said. 

She added, “The first thing I did was call the police, the second thing, I reach out to our Davenport families through the D.C. programs, so marching band families and the cross-country team and the soccer team that she was on, so they all helped spread the word.”

Emily was last seen wearing an orange shirt and black pants.

She’s a little more than five feet tall and about 100 pounds, with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to call  911 or the Davenport Police Department. 

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