Employees at local business speak out after deadly car crash in Davenport


Employees at the Quad City Inn are speaking out after two people were hit by a car and killed Thursday night in Davenport.

The incident happened around 10:30pm near the intersection of Brady Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway.

“When the car hit them it sounded like a tire blew and it sounded like they got rear ended we didn’t know it was people at first.”

Holly Cunningham is just one of many employees at the Quad City Inn trying to find answers.

“We’ve had an employee hit here,” Cunningham said. “We’ve had the owners boss hit here and now we’ve had these two and I’m hoping we can get something done about this,” she said.

A scene she said  was all too familiar.

“I knew the lady that was married to one of the gentlemen and the other guy was his best friend.”

Manager of the Quad City Inn said this incident hit way to close to home.

“Last month my dad got hit by a car so the city has to do something because a night it’s too dark over there,” she said. “The city has to put some lights over there because this is the 5th one.”

“We don’t have a gas station on this side of the road so we have to cross Brady street,” said Holly Cunningham. “To cross Brady street you have to go against two sides of the road and to go against both sides of the road you never know what’s coming to get you,” said Cunningham.

A problem they both feel won’t ever be fixed.

“People have to understand too they have to go up to the red light and then cross,” said Quad City Inn manager. “People they don’t  listen, they hear about it and then 4 or 5 days later they forget and then try crossing again.”

“You have to watch the lights down there on 59th then you have to watch the lights up here on Veterans and if they’re both not red you might as well kiss your butt goodbye,” said Holly Cunningham.

Portions of Brady Street were closed until this Friday morning.

Police have not yet released the identity of the two pedestrians.

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