U.S. Marshals, the Department of Criminal Investigation and local police are cracking down on sex offenders.

Local 4 News is the only news team front and center riding along with officers as they check in with sex offenders to make sure they are following the law. 

Those officers hope for constructive visits.

“You can just tell a lot of times by their demeanor and how they’re talking to you,” said Detective Dan Grafton. “If they’re being cooperative, we’re going to be cooperative.” 

Scott County has the second highest number of registered sex offenders in Iowa at 418,
trailing only Polk County. Offenders must check in with the sheriff’s office anywhere from once a year to every 90 days.

Sometimes those check ins don’t go so smoothly.

Alexander Evans of Blue Grass is a Tier 1 sex offender, convicted of indecent exposure to a child in 2016. He’s now under a warrant for not paying a ticket while driving under a suspended license.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Department received intel that Evans often visits his girlfriend in Davenport near North Park Mall.

That’s where a chase ensued.

Officers tracked Evans down riding a motorized scooter. Police surrounded him and made the arrest on Independence Drive.

Two guns were found, including one that was stolen from Florida.

“We’re going to enforce [the law]… and find them,” said Detective Grafton. “We’re out here so that all of them who have warrants; we’re going to try to track them down.”

Detective Grafton also told us, for a sex offender who violates their agreement, that charge is then added on to their warrant. Then it’s up to a judge to determine their sentence.

“One down, several to go,” he said.

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