Terry Calhoun gave his 100th gallon of blood to the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center on Thursday, but he’s definitely no where near stopping. 

“They just asked for a raise of hands at our church who wanted to donate blood and I raised my hand,” said Calhoun, remembering how he got started donating in the 60’s. “And that was the beginning of it.”

100 gallons means Calhoun has donated 800 times. He donates platelets, which means he can donate twice a month. He says he always makes sure he goes in 24 times a year.

“It feels good, it’s been on my bucket list a long time.”

Not only that, but Calhoun recently turned 80 years old. He said he has been planning coinciding his donation milestone with his birthday for a few years because he wanted it to be a celebration.

It certainly is. Friends and family came to the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center in Moline to sit with Terry as he donated yet again. And, Terry is hosting his own blood drive next month. 

This isn’t surprising after you find out how active Terry is. 

“Yeah, I work 6 days a week,” said Terry, referencing is paint covered watch on his left wrist. He works as a painter and says he loves what he does.  “Keeps me moving, keeps my blood flowing.”

Terry is extremely excited about his blood drive on Sep. 16 at Rock Island First Church of the Nazarene. He has been talking it up with friends and family, and wants people to come out and celebrate his milestones, and give blood. 

“I can’t even put it into words,” said Terry. “But it’s been top priority in my life for almost ever.”

Terry tells everyone that his three passions life are faith, family, and giving blood. He certainly lives up to his words. 

“The needle is small and sharp, the nails were large and dull,” said Terry talking about giving blood. “The table, soft and restful, the cross rough and painful. Mine, without a doubt, will prolong for a while his, without a doubt, will save all forever.”