Family holds prayer vigil for 2-year-old still missing in the river


The family of Hawk Newberry has been camped out in Schwiebert Park for every minute of the recovery efforts for the 2-year-old who fell in the Mississippi River on Tuesday. Thursday night they were at the park again, but this time they were united in prayer.

Dozens of friends and family came out to show their support. They yellow tied ribbons on the dock, lit candles and prayed that someone find Hawk soon.

Richard Allcock, one of Hawk’s cousins, said the vigil was just as much for Hawk as it was for his mom, who has been sick in the hospital all week. 

Allcock the mom put a purple flower by Hawk’s photo — that’s what inspired everyone to hold purple flowers during the vigil.

“We just want the recovery,” Allcock said. “We want him found so we can move on and start the healing process and just move on. It’s going to be a tough road, but it needs to be done.”

Another one of Hawk’s cousins, Niya Newberry, said the tragedy is bringing together her family and even strangers.

“It’s been hard, but I’ve been getting through it. All the prayers — stuff like that — it’s helped me go through this,” Newberry said. “He’s just my little baby and I love him so much.”

The family says they’ll now be taking their own boat on the water to look for Hawk, but they are asking everyone to keep an eye out.

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