Family who lost three relatives in Milan fire figuring out burial expenses


The family of 9-year-old Thomas Conley, 31-year-old Brittany Mote, and 71-year-old Delores Martin held a benefit Sunday in their honor. The money raised will go towards burial expenses.

“It’s not easy. ” Mike Johnson, son of Delores Martin, and uncle to Brittany Mote and Thomas Conley
still feels the pain of losing his family, reminded by the simple things he does every day.
“When i get off work and go pick my moms mail up and take her mail to her and she’s not there no more,” shares Johnson.

The three lost their lives in an early morning fire at their trailer home in Milan, back in February.
The home wasn’t the only thing left in shambles.Other family members and friends have been helping pick up the pieces. 

“They lost their whole family im pretty much the only thing they have left here i mean they have other people too but they watched me grow up they were there with me from the time i was a baby,” says cousin of the family, Sabrina Huber. Huber helped organize the benefit for the family today at Racers Edge in East Moline.

They’re raising funds for the burial that would cost them almost five thousands dollars.They’re selling food, and baskets. “I’m just thankful for everyone how showed up and supported us,” shares Johnson.

They’re advising others to do what they can when in a fire so they don’t experience their pain. “Break a window, kick a door in do something cause we lost our whole family in a matter of minutes,” says Huber.

Family, friends, and co-workers have been their foundation pushing them forward as they continue to take this tragic loss day by day.

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