Father speaks out after his daughters were injured in Elmore Avenue accident


A man is looking for answers tonight after his daughters were in a serious car accident in Davenport he says could have been avoided.

David Rouse was at his home in Indiana when he found out two of his daughters were car accident last Thursday on Elmore Avenue. 

“I was in a state of shock more than anything,” Rouse said.

His daughters were in a Chevorlet HHR that was turning left into the Cross Creek apartments on Elmore Avenue when it was hit by a pickup truck.

The car is meant to seat five people, but it had eight people in it. Their mother was in the passenger seat. His 10-year-old daughter Daisha was in the trunk and suffered a concussion. However,  7-year-old Danaisha was in the back seat on the passenger side — the point of impact.

Now she has broken bones in her arms and legs. She’s already had several surgeries and skin grafts and Rouse said there’s more to come. 

Right now the concern is keeping her right leg, which was mangled in the accident. The doctor is hopeful. 

“He doesn’t think we’ll lose it. But then again, we’re not out of the woods until we’re out of the woods,” Rouse said.

However, the father still has questions about the accident and what led to it. 

Local 4 News has called Davenport police four times and stopped by the station twice, but we haven’t received an accident report. 

Rouse said he never thought his daughters’ mother would put them in danger and now he’s making sure she can’t by seeking custody.

“There’s a huge judgment call to have the kids get inside of that vehicle, especially with the amount of people that was already in the vehicle,” he said. “There’s not enough restraints — not enough car seats.”

Just days away from Danaisha’s eighth birthday, Rouse said there is some good news: the doctors have cleared her to eat, which means she’ll be getting a birthday cake. 

But Rouse said he won’t be happy until he can take both of his daughters home.

“People do make mistakes, but everybody has to be held accountable for those mistakes,” he said.

Rouse said so far it’s been a slow process getting custody of his two girls so he’s hiring an attorney.

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