FBI now involved with Mollie Tibbetts search


A small town in Iowa is at the center of another frantic missing person’s search. 

This one for Mollie Tibbetts.

Now the FBI is involved. 

The 20-year-old from Brooklyn, Iowa has been missing for almost a week. A spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation says the FBI has now brought in a specialized search team. 

But Mollie’s hometown is doing their part to help in the search — and that includes making sure people know about Mollie’s disappearance.

Local 4 News went to Brooklyn today.
Mollie’s impact can be seen all over town in store windows and on cars. Most of the material comes from Live Now, a photography studio and printer. 
Joy VanLandschoot owns the studio.  She says a friend of the Tibbetts family asked them to make shirts with Mllie’s picture on them, athe idea took off from there. 
Tonight they were busy putting together their first order of t-shirts. 

They’ve had nearly 500 oders and they are coming in from all over the country.
VanLandschoot says seeing so many people want to help find Mollie keeps her and the volunteers optimistic.

“I feel like everything I’ve heard about Mollie, that’s what she was, was a positive vibe,” VanLandschoot said. “And I’ve heard numerous people say that if somebody lost hope she was the one to give them hope and so she is giving out town hope to bring her home.” 

You can order t-shirts, buttons and posters online

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