Feeling uneasy about crime in the neighborhood? There’s a solution


You might be feeling a bit uneasy about criminal activity in your neighborhood.
But there are ways to relieve those anxieties. And one of those remedies is just a click away.

Longtime Rock Island resident Odell Hickman says crime in the Quad Cities is now on his doorstep. 

“I’m not happy, you know. When i moved here 20 years ago, it was good. Before it was the other side of town but now it got to my street, even around my home now so you know,” says Hickman.

In the last week alone, Rock Island has seen six violent-related crimes, which includes battery and assault.

And Odell isn’t alone. His concerns are shared by many residents across the Quad Cities.

But there are ways to stay informed as a neighbor and it’s as easy as the click of a mouse.

“If you got a neighbor moving into the neighborhood and you have no idea who he is or who she is.. it’d be a good thing to do, you need to know who your surrounding are.”

Odell says websites that conduct background checks on nearly anyone is one way to secure your safety.

“It’s a good thing because you never know when you got uh you know some rapist in your neighborhood. You need to know who you’re living around.”

One particular website that’s been known for its accuracy is called TruthFinder.
The online tool looks up criminal records and background checks.

“We’ve, as a police departments, you know we’ve tested some of them and used some of them,” says detective Jon Leach. 

The Moline police detective shares that sites like TruthFinder can be helpful.
But if that’s not enough, there are other options.

“I think every agency in the quad cities is willing to uh you know put in that extra work but we need to know about what is going on so you have to contact us.”

To know a little bit of background about residents in your community, visit TruthFinder’s website here.

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