Final phase of John Deere Road Construction set to start next week


The third and final stage of the John Deere Road construction project is expected to start next week. 

The 2.5 mile stretch from 38th Street to 70th Street in Moline will be expanded to six lanes when completed. 

As of next week, westbound traffic will shift to the eastbound lanes, and the ramp going westbound on I-74 to eastbound John Deere Road will be closed. 

On Monday afternoon a few local businesses along the construction’s path say they’ll be happy when it’s all over, and say it’s been a rocky road for business. 

What started as a cluster of cones and torn up streets, has become the norm over the last few years on John Deere Road. 

Chuck Capan is a Moline resident who says construction simply can’t be avoided. 

“It’s not easy, but we all have to put up with it.”

On March 12 the final stages of the highly-anticipated project will be underway. But these last few years have created a bumpy road for local businesses. 

Greg Pilichowski is the Assistant Manager at Waterpark Car Wash in Moline, and says they’re grateful for their loyal customers. 

“The car wash industry rely a lot of impulse customers,” said Pilichowski. “You know, ones who don’t necessarily plan to wash their car, see it, think about it, and then stop in because it’s convenient. It takes a lot for a customer to want to brave through construction zones to patron a business.”  

Adam Anto works at Phillips 66 Gas Station and says their storefront was hit hard when construction started back in 2016. 

“This year maybe a little bit better, but almost 50 to 60 percent of the business only we get,” said Anto.

Rather than driving him away, Capan says the construction is what keeps him shopping in the area.  

“Just because it’s blocked off doesn’t mean I can’t make a little extra effort on my part to help them out because I want these people to be here for years down the road, and you have to support them when it’s under construction also,” he said. 

Both businesses say it’s the neighbors that keep coming back that make a big difference.  

“It hasn’t been easy but as I said, some of our customers have been very loyal with helping out with dealing with the situation,” said Pilichowski. 

Despite the obstacles, they’re hanging on. 

“I hope you know it come back, the old business, maybe better business coming,” said Anto. 

And hopes the years of hard work will bring business back and booming more than ever. 

“We’re all going through a hard time right now getting through this large scale project but as soon as it’s done, everything will be back to normal,” said Pilichowski.

The Illinois Department of Transportation says as long as the weather permits, the section of John Deere Road will be expanded to six lames by the end of the 2018 construction season. 

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