Fists continue to fly in downtown Davenport


Another chaotic scene in Downtown Davenport in the early morning hours of March 3. 

It’s the second time in two weeks Davenport Police told Local 4 News they’ve responded to a large fight in the same area.

Video of the March 3rd incident is being shared on social media.

It happened around 1:15 a.m., just before bar close at the intersection of 3rd and Harrison Streets.

The video also shows security quickly rushing into the fight, trying to break it up.

Davenport Police told Local 4 News they had a unit in the area, witnessing the fight start and responded.

Officials said when officers arrived, the fight quickly dispersed.

One woman was arrested, 26-year-old Karissa Brown of Davenport on a misdemeanor charge of Disorderly Conduct. 

Another person was reported injured.

This came exactly two weeks after another massive fight around the same time and in the same area.

Police told us in that case, as many as 15 people were involved and officers had to use pepper spray.

Two arrests were made in that incident. 

Local 4 News spoke with several people in the downtown area Tuesday. Reactions range from sad to hear that this happened, but others said they’ve become used to these kinds of incidents and not just in Davenport.

“They don’t care if their fighting in the middle of the street or what they’re doing. They don’t really take that into account. I’m not really sure why that happens, but it doesn’t really surprise me at all, and I’ve seen that kind of thing before, but I think it really does go to how people are raised and the kind of values they’re given,” said Ben Stolley.

Local 4 News spoke with 3rd Ward Alderwoman Marion Meginnis Tuesday. She represented the Downtown Davenport area. 

While overall this behavior is isolated in nature when it comes to all of the downtown, she told Local 4 she and others in the city are trying to address what’s become a reoccurring pattern in this area.

Meginnis said she feels it is because of one specific establishment.

That would be Shenanigans.

In recent years the city has tried to take several actions against the pub.

Last fall, they tried not to have the liquor license renewed, but that decision was overruled by the state. 

“The state said, well it happened outside the location, and so they’re not responsible and yet the same behavior keeps happening right outside this location and not right outside every other location downtown, so logic would tend to tell you there is some connection,” said Meginnis.

Last Wednesday, the council also did not approve an outdoor liquor license for the pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

Meginnis said, “We voted not to allow them an outdoor space for St. Patrick’s Day because again we’re concerned about public safety. It’s not a good track record. We seem to have voted right in that way because, after that vote which was last Wednesday, we have another incident.”

She is now asking residents with concerns to submit them to Iowa’s Alcoholic Beverages Division. 

Local 4 News also reached out to Shenanigans management, but they declined to comment, instead directing up to their attorney.

Local 4 had reached out to the lawyer and is waiting to hear back.

Davenport Police told the city council at their last meeting in February that officers have responded to 12 disturbance calls to the area in the previous six months. 

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