Five new buses are making their way around Davenport

new buses_1507589943512.jpg

Five new buses are on the streets in Davenport. 
CitiBus is putting them in service this week.
They’re replacing old equipment that exceeded their life expectancy. 
CitiBus managers say the investment will save them thousands of dollars in the long-term. 
Each bus cost more than $400,000.
State funding and federal grants covered those costs. 
The five new buses are expected to last 12 years, but with good maintenance, officials say they can be used much longer. 
Saving the department thousands of dollars in maintenance fees. 
They also come with new technology. 
Including a system that allows riders to track the bus on the CitiBus app. 
And a fare-box, where riders can just scan their bus card when boarding. 
“We’re going to be making sure that all the citizens and all the drivers have an opportunity to ride them and drive them,” says CitiBus General Manager John Powell Jr. We’ll be rotating them through all the schedules, that the drivers have.”
In the next few months CitiBus will also be installing announcing systems on all their buses. 

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