Flash Flood Watch: Homeowner is gearing up for the worst


The flash flood watch has been issued by the National Weather Service for Henry, Mercer and Rock Island county in Illinois and Scott county in Iowa

Waters aren’t supposed to be as bad as it was on memorial day but one homeowner in Davenport isn’t taking any chances. Douglas Karman says he laid out about 500 sand bags to avoid any flood damage. Local 4 News spoke to a meteorologist at the national weather service. He says that spring time is expected to bring showers but not as much as this year.
“Unfortunately it does look like it’s going to stay active. What is very unusual is very is the point that we’ve been consistently wet we’ve had storm systems every several days on a regular schedule really since last fall,” says senior meteorologist Andy Ervin. 

Ervin is advising residents who live by the river to sandbag their property as a safety measure.

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