Flooding leaves homeowners waiting to begin the clean up

Werner Restoration offers help on post-flood clean up.

It’s still going to be some time before homeowners along the Mississippi River will get a chance to dry out as water levels slowly drop.

Neighbors on Campbells Island told Local 4 News they’re used to having water invade their homes but this time isn’t so much the height but duration that could lead to the most significant damage.

One man said he’s been boating to and from his home going on three weeks. 

But like preparing for the flooding, they’re also routine to clean up when the waters are long gone.

John and Mike Rasso have seen many floods on Campbells Island.

Their grandparents used to live on the island, and the brothers would help with the cleanup. 

Now John and their parents call the island home. 

They came back Thursday to check on the three homes their family owns making sure the water hasn’t risen into the living room or someplace it can cause significant damage. 

It’s all to get an idea of what they’ll need to repair and replace when they no longer need to boat to their home.

“Black mold, all kinds of viruses that are going to be in there and then on top of that, the mosquitos and bugs that, you know when the water comes down. It’s just bad, you know what I mean and then its smell,” said John Rasso.

Mike said he just arrived from Arizona where he lives to help his parents with the clean up because while they’re used to living with the water, it’s becoming more and more of a challenge. 

“Buddies and we’re going to do all the drywall, all the painting, check the foundation,” said Mike Rasso. “You know, help them out a lot and get him working but unfortunately, right now we have to take the little Jon Boats over there and get in there. Yeah, we’re just checking levels and right now seeing where it’s at.”

Local 4 News also spoke with Werner Restoration Services Thursday.

Operations Manager Brent Werner said homeowners should get everything dried expediently to help maintain their house from more danger but also their health.

“Getting it dry as quickly as possible,” said Werner Restoration Services Operation Manager Brent Werner. “As we enter into warmer weather, hopefully, you’re going to encounter a situation where you’re going to have mold growth start to take place and things like that because you have so much wet materials in your basement or house.”

He said those who might be experiencing their first flood, there are other things to consider than replacing walls and getting out the moisture.

With the bacteria and chemicals that could be in the water and deposited into homes, extra precautions are needed.

Werner said, “Boots, Tyvek suit, gloves, stuff like that. So that easily is the number one concern. Safety of the water you’re working with. The other safety concern people don’t think about is electrical safety. So if you had four, five feet of water in your basement, what part of your home from an electrical standpoint could be compromised.”

He said floods could impact homeowners differently and advises them to research does and don’ts for cleaning.

Werner told Local 4 News the EPA has some assistance to education people.

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