Floods from above: Pilot says flood damage is becoming more frequent


Another round of flooding hits the Quad Cities and has some wondering when the waters will recede.

The Mississippi River crested again Monday, forcing crews to shut down parts of River Drive in Davenport. 

It comes as some people are still dealing with flood waters from the Rock River. 

Jim Goetsch is the president of the QC Flying Eagles Club and has been flying in the Quad Cities for more than 50 years. 

“Oh yeah this is not the worst flood we’ve ever had,” Goetsch says looking down at the Rock River from his plane. 

But even he has come across some firsts over the past year. 

“We never had an October flood before. We had that and then we had the one in February with the ice. It really messed things up because it floated up and then it froze again, so we had to fight the ice,” Goetsch says. 

Goetsch has also lived along the Rock River for 41 years and says rising waters are becoming more frequent on both the Rock and Mississippi rivers. 

“I’ve seen three and four years where we didn’t have a flood but the last few years we’ve had a lot more floods,” he says. 

That means more post-flood cleaning and recovery. 

“What I got to do when this all goes down is I go in and I’ll take a squeegie and push the mud out and spread it out some place and then I’ll take my pressure washer and bleach and scrub and clean.” 

While he hopes there aren’t any more neighborhood cleanups anytime soon, Goetsch says he knows mother nature might have different plans.

“You always hope no, but you never know,” Goetsch says.

“The weather’s been goofy, so it’s kind of hard to tell.”

The Mississippi River is expected to fall back from major to moderate flood stage later this week.

Local 4 meteorologists say we could be looking at the worst flood ever in the Quad Cities within the next month or so. 

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