Former Rhythm City Casino barge will likely be scrapped in new home


The former Rhythm City Casino support barge will not be used by developers in Keokuk, Iowa.

The barge was sold for a dollar and relocated to Keokuk after a deal with the City of Davenport was reached in 2017.

It cost a reported $250,000 to move the barge.

Now, the City of Keokuk is learning repairs to the barge will cost $10 million and the barge and its contents will likely be scrapped.

A number of Keokuk businesses originally expressed interest in getting space on the barge for things like restaurants, coffee shops, and a brewery.

Davenport alderman at-large Kyle Gripp shared the information on his Facebook page.

He says the City of Davenport will press forward with the Main Street Landing development.

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