In an auditorium full of parents, students and staff, Moline school’s Superintendent Lanty McGuire broke the good news. 

“We’re going to have a new home, we’re going to be guest in a place,” says Lanty McGuire.  

Starting Monday, Franklin Elementary students will be heading to school at the former Western Illinois University Quad City campus. 
McGuire says the building’s new owner is lending them the facility for as long as they need it, and it’s quite the change from their school. 

“It’s your new Franklin, and like I said to the teachers, we may never get you out of there. It’ll be like pulling teeth, cause the building has air-conditioning,” says McGuire.  
“When I went into the building, I realized that this space was actually perfect for our situation,” says Principal Michele Pittington.  

The work isn’t over, school officials and janitors are working tirelessly to have everything ready by Monday. 

“They’ve been scrambling the buildings and all over the place grabbing desks, grabbing tables, grabbing tables,” says McGuire. 

Due to transportation and minor complications, the schools schedule is a little different. 
School will now begin at 8:25 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m. 
For students riding the bus, the pick up and drop off location will be at the Moline Two Rivers YMCA, Spirit, Mind and Body Center. 
Despite these changes, parents and students say they’re excited. 

“We’re blessed that it’s that close, that it’s a beautiful facility,” says parent Katie Walker-Wiege. 
“Yeah, the campus sounds really good and it looks really great,” says fourth grader Maya Lothradge.  

And thankful for the outpour support from the entire community.  

“Watching people just pour out their love on us, and our children, and our teachers, I’m so thankful,” says parent Sarah Thieme.  
“Franklin strong, Moline strong, Quad Cities strong,” says McGuire.