Freese guilty of first degree murder


Sean Freese is guilty. It took a jury about two hours to convict the Davenport man of murdering his parents at their home a year ago. 

Prosecutors convinced the jury the 21-year-old killed Kevin and Donna Freese last October.

Scott County Attorney Michael Walton pressed in his closing arguments this morning that Freese planned his parents’ murder after getting home past his midnight curfew. 

A key part of that centered on a call Freese had with a friend while in jail.

During the call, Freese said, “I wasn’t thinking at all. We got into a huge argument, and I snapped. That was it.”

Freese’s defense team argued the call shows it was a crime of passion. 

His lawyers believe voluntary manslaughter was more appropriate than a murder conviction.

One of their arguments as also the police went too fast to charge Freese with first-degree murder, but Walton says the trial proved that wasn’t the case.

Scott County Attorney Michael Walton said, “Job of the Davenport Police Department was very thorough, very intensive. All sorts of detectives, police officers, crime scene technicians were involved to get it right.”

The first-degree murder carried with it a mandatory life in prison sentence. 


Sean Freese was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder on Monday in connection with the shooting deaths of his parents in October 2016.

His sentencing date is set for November 15.

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Shawn Loging provided live updates of the closing arguments from the murder trial of Davenport’s Sean Freese, who has been accused of shooting his parents in October 2016. Follow Shawn for updates. You can read his past tweets as well as others from our staff by scrolling below.

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