From billy goat to billy cop: Officer Rambo makes quite an impression in Albany


There’s a new kid on the police force in Albany, Illinois that has the beat on cuteness.

Officer Rambo is causing some revelry with his rowdiness and readiness for the law because while he might not be the best for keeping criminals in line, this billy is arresting plenty of hearts.

Albany Police Chief Wyatt Heyvaert said, “No gun belt for him, I don’t think he could hold it up.”

While busy working to keep the city he serves safe, Albany Police Chief Wyatt Heyvaert has a new partner to help with the effort.

Chief Heyvaert said, “He’s full of life and energy. He jumps from one thing to the next.”

Officer Rambo’s primary patrol is providing some positivity and showing another aspect of law enforcement.

Chief Heyvaert said, “You show people that you’re human, and you have a sense of humor, and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

There still some training in the works for Rambo.

Rambo’s owner and Wyatt’s sister Tatum Wiersema said, “Don’t pee, Rambo, Rambo  no, no, no, no, no.”

Because this kid, who is five weeks old, was never really intended to go from billy goat to billy cop.

Tatum said, “My theory is every kid needs a kid, and he’s totally just our third kid.”

Chief Heyvaert’s sister Tatum Wiersema said Rambo came into her and her two kids’ life after convincing her husband.

Tatum said, “We had a pygmy goat growing up. She wasn’t as friendly, but I kept telling him they’re good companions and I knew he’d be fun.”

And if you need proof of amusement, ask her son Rhett.

Rhett Wiersema said, “I love chasing him. I love him running with me, and my also like [Rambo] going down the slide with me.”
“Rambo lives up to his name. He likes to act very tough. He’s very playful. He loves to jump off everything,” said Tatum.

But how this little goat started serving with the boys and girls in blue was a surprise even to Tatum.

She said, “When this all kind of happened, I was on vacation. I had no phone service at the time and then when I got phone service, and my phone kind of blew up about what my brother was up to.”

While Tatum and her family were on a trip, Chief Heyvaert and his kids were meant to check in on Rambo.

Chief Heyvaert said, “I just thought it would be kind of funny to do a little spoof. Relate to people a little bit and play on senses of humor, and we took a photo of him and put it on Facebook, and the rest is history.”

Since that day, Rambo has found another calling.

Chief Heyvaert said, “An honorary member for sure.”

Tatum said, “I do enjoy that he can be a positive light to police officers.”

And after a day at the office, he goes home where Tatum said Rambo gets a lot of love. 

Rambo does have some official duties.

He’ll be on site for the upcoming Albany Bicycle Rodeo on June 22 and can be expected at local parades.

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