Galesburg First Baptist helps Alabama congregation recover from tornadoes


The First Baptist Church in Galesburg is lending a helping hand to their brothers and sisters in Alabama.

Supplies will be shipped to their fellow congregation in Alabama.

That’s where people are recovering from deadly tornadoes last Sunday.

One of the Galesburg church’s members heard a pastor in Alabama on the radio talking about what they’re facing and wanted to help.

That’s when the Galesburg congregation stepped in.

.”Really, it just blew up in two and a half days,” said Sherri Kremer with First Baptist Church.

They put out the message about the donation drive on Tuesday. 

“We reached out to the community and to the members of our congregation, and they responded, and they really talked to their friends and family and the community just really stepped up,” said Kremer.

They also received about $400 in gift cards.

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