Galva dog breeder responds to recent criticism


A Galva man is responding to criticism after a recent Facebook Post sparked an investigation into his property on Thursday. 

Dina Crawford first spoke with Local 4 News on Thursday after her post went viral, being shared over 5,000 times in less than 24 hours. 

Crawford says her daughter accepted a job as a “puppy caregiver” but left in tears after her first day because she says she witnessed animal neglect, abuse and poor living conditions. 

Now Crawford says she won’t stop until the dogs are safe.

But on Friday afternoon the dog breeder, Ron Bombliss, responded to the uproar online, saying the accusations couldn’t be farther from the truth. Bombliss shared his side of the story on Friday:

There are 37 adult dogs and 40 puppies on a property off of Illinois State Route 17 in Galva. And there’s one man running it all, Ron Bombliss.

“I’ve been breeding for 18 years and I’ve been training for 34 years,” said Bombliss. “I’ve owned them for 34 years.” 

While Bombliss will admit he’s in over his head with four-legged friends, the only thing he’s guilty of is too many dogs. 

“Yes I definitely have a lot of dogs but nothing is abused,” said Bombliss. “No one is beat on, no one is maimed.”

He says he’s not the monster he’s been made out to be. 

He says since the post when viral, he’s received criticism and even death threats. 

“On Facebook if you look at the pictures, I put a lot of money into socializing and taking good care of them,” said Bombliss. “And a lot of money with food and supplements. A ton.” 

Bombliss says he spends over $1,400 in dog food each week, saying the claims of starving his dogs aren’t true.

He says if he lost his dogs, it would “destroy” him, and says he loves his dogs. But Bombliss says Tibetan Mastiffs are large dogs, and it can be dangerous to get in the middle of a dog fight.

He says he used a PVC pipe to “swat” the dogs to separate them, but does not hurt the dogs. He says he uses the pipe to keep the dogs from hurting him or themselves. 

“Years ago I had two females fight over puppies, and I had a $40,000 plastic surgery to my face trying to break it up,” said Bombliss. “I don’t want anybody around here trying to pull dogs apart…no.”

He says after filing a lawsuit and separating himself from the American Kennel Club he says his business and finances to support it took a hit. He says he had numerous issues with the organization.

“They have to justify why does Ron have superior dogs for less money?” said Bombliss. “I’m charging 1 to 2 grand, and they’re charging five grand.”

And now he has a lot of dogs who need homes. 

“I’m trying to sell them to good homes myself,” said Bombliss.

And says he even hopes to retire soon. 

“The biggest concern is I’m planning on getting out anyway because I’m almost 60 years old and it’s way too much work.” 

But on Friday he said while he’s a man with many dogs, he’s dedicated to them and says his door is open for anyone with doubts. 

“Come out and see. Come out and see for yourself. And that’s a fact.”

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