Gifting kindness: YWCA completing 25 acts in 25 days


Some unexpected joy for people across the Quad Cities in December.

The YWCA of the Quad Cities has been working as elves to spread some random acts of kindness.

This is the first year for the agencies 25 Days, 25 Acts of Kindness.

Organizers told Local Four News they wanted to do something special for the community after all the support they’ve gotten from the Quad Cities.

“We want to do something special for you,” said CEO Julie Larson as she gifted a recipient with kindness. 

It’s an overwhelming sense of joy.

Larson continued, “You come in with a smile, you’re always helping others.”

Marketing Director Amy Schaefer said, “We said we wished we could do it every day of the year.”

It’s been a 25-day mission of kindness this December by the YWCA.
They’re taking in nominations to recognize those who exemplify the behavior. 

Schaefer said as she presented someone nominated, “Kindness to people around you and thought pass it forward.”

While also extending kindness through a helping hand.

Larson said, “Two brand new twin mattresses for your boys.”

And others are entirely random acts.

Schaefer said, “The random ones are the most fun because you catch them off guard and I’m like I really want to give you this.”

Julie Larson, the YWCA of the Quad Cities CEO said she got the idea while listening to the radio.
She said she wanted to give people a reason to celebrate this time of year by taking a weight off their shoulders.

Larson said, “A lot of people who have to choose between paying rent and maybe buying diapers or buying food, so just that little act of kindness brightens their day and makes the holidays so much better.”

And they’re giving that kindness in many shapes and sizes. 

Schaefer said, “A little extra gift, a little thoughtfulness with some flowers. For some people it’s we have to have this dryer, we don’t have one, so getting to do all of it, kind of hitting every little spot.”

And after spreading so much joy, they’re planning to pay it forward as a tradition for many Christmases to come.

YWCA staff and board member, along with businesses donated to help make the giving possible. 

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