“If you’re using cloud storage, and you have my sensative information, how are you protecting it?” said Shadrack Roberts of the Quad Cities Cyber Security Alliance.

An important question that is being asked to more and more businesses, in the wake of large cyber security breaches, like Equifax.

Roberts says the importance of this issue is greater than ever before.

“You can’t go anywhere without cyber security being in the news, lately,” Roberts said. “And, there’s several examples. Equifax, Security Exchange commission, there’s just so many. There’s probably 3-4 a day.”

That’s why area business leaders assembled for a cyber security town hall in Davenport.
There, they discussed new guidelines released by the US Department of Defense, and how their businesses can adhere to them.
Some of those guidelines include removing passwords, and introducing two-factor authentication to make information more difficult to access for hackers.
One area business with ties to the Government, is the Handicapped Development Center.
Sales manager Amy Cook says over the years, cyber security has become a top priority for her company. 
“We’ve just implemented a whole process that is cyber secure to do all of our documentation, and stuff. So, I’m thinking that’s really going to help us with this,” Cook said.

From smaller companies like HDC, all the way to large national companies like Equifax, Roberts

“Nobody is shielded from this,” says Roberts. “In some ways, if a company like Equifax has the resources and ability, what are the chances or likelihood that if they can’t defend themselves… and really, this process is just about applying those best practices.”