Group of IL GOP lawmakers says Mendoza needs to pay up

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Illinois Republican lawmakers are calling on the state comptroller to pay debts owed to schools.

Sixteen republicans signed a letter to comptroller Susana Mendoza.

They’re concerned about payments that cover specific items like transportation.

Republicans say it’s been nine months since schools have seen the money and they say Mendoza has the cash and the power to release it.

Rep. Tim Butler, (R) Springfield said “this is money that’s owed them. It’s very difficult for schools to operate without these funds. If we continue to go into the next school year without these funds in place, a lot of schools are going to have a hard time getting their budgets together for next year.”

Mendoza calls the letter a carefully timed publicity stunt.  Her office issued a statement saying she released more than $220 million in general state aid payments earlier this week.

The office is planning to make more payments for education in the next two weeks; that includes $425 million in mandated categorical grants.

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