A Scott County judge has ruled on a motion made by a white supremacist to drop the felony charges he faces for bringing a gun onto school property.

Attorneys for James Mathias were seeking to have the case dismissed, claiming Brady Street Stadium, where he was found to be carrying a gun while distributing white supremacist filers is not the ‘grounds of a school’.  

Judge Nancy Tabor said if the legislature had intended for the gun ban only to apply to school buildings, they would have used the word ‘schoolhouse.’  

Mathias had also sought to have evidence that he was carrying a gun suppressed, claiming police had no right to stop and question him while he was performing the legal act of leafleting cars.  

Judge Tabor ruled that the Davenport Police Captain who was working security at the game had a duty to investigate a complaint by a patron who claimed to be offended by the fliers.  

The officer observed the bulge in Mathias’ waistline and asked if he had a gun.    

Mathias showed his permit and was asked to leave.    

He was arrested on the gun charge in January.  

A trial on the case is scheduled for May 7.