Gun club banned from advertising on Facebook


Davenport Guns and Shooting Club is firing back after they say social media giant Facebook banned them from advertising.
The shooting club said they have tried to post information about self-defense classes and education about firearms to their Facebook page and each time they get denied.
They said Facebook has also reduced the amount of people who see their posts. 

“Facebook has denied a boosted post in support of our troops oversees, in support of liberty safes, to keep guns secured and they’ve denied the refuse to be a victim class teaching women mostly how to stay safe,” said Jeanelle Westrom.

Davenport Guns owner Jeanelle Westrom is fired up after social media giant Facebook repeatedly banned her business from advertising.

“We actually had a previous davenport guns Facebook page and they fired us,” Westrom said.

She said the amount of people who see their posts have been reduced as well.

“It makes me angry because I’m trying to teach people how to be safe and they’re hindering my ability to do that,” Westrom said. “If that means one person gets attacked somewhere down the street that could have been saved,” she said.

Westrom said they don’t only sell guns, but they promote other safety and self-defense training classes as well.

“We teach a class called refuse to be a victim, it teaches people how to stay safe not just for themselves but for their children also so we tried to promote that class and Facebook killed it off,” Westrom said.

Media and Marketing Manager Ian Kummer walked us through the Facebook denial process.

“This is a post we just put up for free membership and free range time for our veterans in the local community I can go ahead and pick the options I want for how to boost it and we will click boost.”
“When we pick posts to boost we specifically look for ones that do not have fire arms pictured at all and do not link back to one of our pages that sells or advertises firearms.”

“In the time that we’ve had this conversation, Facebook denied our support the troops photo thank you for your service.”

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