Gun show focused on legitimate sales

Gun show takes multiple steps to ensure guns don't fall into the wrong hands

Davenport, Iowa - Those with a passion for firearms are heading to the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds this weekend.

The Big Bore Enterprise Gun Show features antiques and modern guns, along with accessories.

Dozens of vendors packed the venue along with customers.

The show's organizer said they take steps to make sure guns don't end up in the wrong hands of criminals, people with mental illnesses and those who are not qualified to own a gun.

They said vendors are required to run an instant background check on each sale with the ATF before completing a transaction. 

"We register guns that aren't registered; we make sure that every gun that leaves this gun show is a legitimate sale. We have countless times guys have reported to me where they've had straw deals that they had to tell the people you can't buy a gun at all from us," said Mark Quade with Big Bore Industries.

Quade said gun shows like this play an important role helping to preserve America's past. Part of that means providing a place to sell antique guns and the history they contain.

He said part of the reason people are drawn to guns isn't their power but the build and engineering.

Quade said if there is one area new regulations should be looked at, the focus should be on incomplete guns sold online.

The show concludes Sunday. 

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