Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski addressed the increased gun violence in the wake of Friday morning’s deadly shooting. 

“What’s going on right now is unacceptable in our city, it’s unacceptable for this police department, we will put a stop to it,” said Sikorski.

Of note, Sikorski says that many of the recent crimes follow a similar theme. 

“They’re not random acts of violence, they are specific people who are targeting other people and then we’ve had retaliations for very similar acts.”

The nature of the acts is why there has been such a big increase. Sikorski says the specificity of the situations also is a driving force in their approach to the problem.

While his team is focusing on investigating the recent crimes, they are also reallocating resources. That includes shifting resources and people to places that need them more for investigative and preventative purposes. There will be more on patrol, and they will be focusing on specific areas of Davenport and specific people 

“Our community will be seeing more police cars out there so don’t be alarmed by that. We’re doing that and doing that on purpose.”

Sikorski also says that the public’s help is paramount to investigations. He urges anyone who thinks they saw or heard anything to reach out, so pieces can begin falling in place.

Sikorski has also made recent trips to Des Moines to speak to lawmakers and plans to continue those conversations.

Anyone with information regarding recent incidents is encourages to “DO WHAT’S RIGHT” and call Davenport Police Department at 563-326-6125 or submit an anonymous tip via the mobile app entitles “CityConnect Davenport, IA”.