Hawk Newberry’s family needs help to continue their search


There’s still no closure for the family of two-year-old Hawk Newberry, who fell into the Mississippi River last Tuesday. But that doesn’t mean they are giving up. 

Although the professional search and rescue teams won’t be coming out in full force anymore, Hawk’s family says they’ll be out on the river every day. 

“I won’t never give up until he is found,” said John Bell, Hawk’s great uncle.

Bell has been out on the river every day searching for Hawk, and he said the family needs help. They are asking anyone on the water or walking along the river to keep an eye open, especially along the Illinois side. That’s where search crews said he’s most likely to be found. 

However, they also need financial support. Bell said he spends between $90 to $100 on gas each day. 

That’s why Hawk’s uncle, Nathan Bell, started a Go Fund Me page.

“We need help for, you know, gas for the boats and help for just to be able to search for Hawk, whatever that may be,” Nathan said. “More people. More equipment. Anything.”

You can contribute to the family’s Go Fund Me page here

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