High school football season kicks off in the QC, but there are some security changes

One of the biggest sports you can find around the Quad Cities is back.
High school football opened Thursday night with a game in Davenport. Fans, players and coaches made it happen at Davenport’s Brady Street Stadium for the first football game of the season. That’s where the Assumption Knights took on the North Scott Lancers.
Spectators seemed happy to be back, enjoying one of their favorite fall sports. Players were glad to be back on the field, with a crowd in the stands to cheer them on. A few things they missed: Food, friends, and some fierce competition.
“We like to win,” said Tom Schedbler, a senior at Assumption High School.
“I love football because you get to tackle people hard,” said middle school fan Ryan Thomas.
The great thing about this sport: Being on the sidelines is as almost as good as the real thing.
“I have grown up looking at the cheerleaders on the track and I just knew I always wanted to be one,” said Emily Lemons, a cheerleader and senior at Assumption.
Before you head out to cheer on your team, there are some changes to know about this year.
For fans of Davenport and the teams that play against them, there are new rules on what kind of bags you can bring into the stadium. You won’t be allowed to bring backpacks, duffel bags, or oversize purses to sporting events. Clear plastic bags and diaper bags are still allowed. 
District administrators say the changes are meant to improve safety. Fans don’t think the tighter security will be an issue.
“People usually come in with blankets, the less things they have to carry anyway,” said mom Jenny Hager, who’s son plays for Assumption.
“Most people just bring a purse. Looking around in the crowd right now, the only big bags I see are our cheer bags sitting up there. I think people will be fine,” said Lemons.
Starting this year the following types of bags are banned:


Duffel Bags

String Bags

Bags larger than a regular-size handbag or purse

Approved items include:

Clear plastic bags

Regular-sized handbag or purse

Camera case

Medical accessories

Diaper bags

Event attendees with bags on the prohibited list will be asked to leave them in their cars, or they will be denied entry into the event.

Student athletes and coaches will be required to place their bags in a designated area.

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