EAST MOLINE – McDonald’s wants to cut back on the time you spend ordering your food. Their location in East Moline has introduced a new way to order your Big Mac and it’s all thanks to the touch of a screen. 

A new computerized self-service kiosk was installed in the restaurant over the summer. It’s the first of its kind in the Quad Cities area and the latest piece of technology entering the workplace. 

The keyword behind this whole new system is convenience. Managers at this food chain want to make sure customers have a satisfying happy meal. 

“The whole thing has changed in the years I’ve been working here,” said McDonald’s owner-operator Kevin Murphy. “This is one of the better changes we’ve made.”

Walk into the East Moline McDonald’s, and you’ll be greeted by a warm smile from an employee and a bright LED glow of what McDonald’s calls…

“The experience of the future,” said Murphy.

Touch screen kiosks allow customers to order food without speaking to an employee behind the counter.

“This experience of the future is really make everything easier and more convenient for the customer,” said Murphy.

Here’s how it works:

“When the restaurant is crowded and there’s a lot of people in line waiting, you just punch in what you need, you pay for it you’re all set and you bring in the number and you get your food,” said daily customer Paul Mulcahey.

And you get your food in a flash.

“We’re fast, we’re coming out fast. A lot of the customers are still at the drink sitting getting their drink when we have their food ready for them,” said Murphy.

This new technology is something that McDonald’s owner and operator Kevin Murphy believes will be a game changer for his customers.

“It’s for everybody. All this is for everybody. It’s not just the younger people or the older people. It’s really targeted for all our customers,” said Murphy.

And it’s safe to say his customers are already fans of it.

“They’re very efficient, they really are. They’re on time, they get it right all the time, it’s a good system,” said Mulcahey.

Murphy expects the store will keep regulars- and gain new ones. And truly make it a one of a kind experience for everyone.

“I would call it a mix of fast food to casual dining,” said Murphy.

The McDonald’s location on Avenue of the Cities in East Moline will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday at 9 A.M.

All 16,000 McDonald’s restaurants will go through this kiosk re-model by 2020.